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Democratizing academic debates for the 2020s against fake news, sensationalism and outright biased agendas.

Here you find the list of the available Kindle booklets and the direct link to the dedicated blog posts on this website. Each post contains a free excerpt with the general introduction from the booklet. Buy our booklets from Amazon to support this project and disseminate legit sources of peer-reviewed knowledge. Thanks!

1 – Ten Problems for Agriculture in the 2020s (3 Jun 2022, 2nd ed.): climate change, precision agriculture, crop planning, climate-smart, soil ecosystem, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, sustainability, developing countries, biological control.

2- Ten Problems for Artificial Intelligence in the 2020s (10 Jun 2022, 2nd ed.): computer games,  intelligent optimization, accountability, human intervention, ethical issues, bias, interpretability, software development, open source, operations research.

3- Ten Problems for Climate in the 2020s (17 Jun 2022, 2nd ed.): energy policies, effects, machine learning, communication, non-state actors, social sciences, green infrastructures, mitigation, regional environments, economics.

4- Ten Problems for Education in the 2020s (26 Jun 2022, 2nd ed.): funding, safety, technology, standardization, teachers, lifelong learning, diversity, creativity, accreditation, new trends.

5- Ten Problems for Arts in the 2020s (4 Jul 2022, 2nd ed.): education, authentication, participation, entrepreneurship, aesthetics, creativity, technology, environment, science, regulation.

6- Ten Problems for Geopolitics in the 2020s (9 Jul 2022, 2nd ed.): liberalism, democracy, authoritarianism, globalization, populism, immigration, minorities, international relations, instability, peace.

7- Ten Problems for Economy in the 2020s (3 Aug 2022, 2nd ed.): business, finance, policies, technology, debt, labor, entrepreneurship, markets, wealth, growth.

8- Ten Problems for Press and Media in the 2020s (25 Nov 2022, 2nd ed.): profitability, subsidies, entertainment, artificial intelligence, disinformation, trust, diversity, regulation, staff issues, podcasts.

9- Ten Problems for Justice in the 2020s (4 Dec 2022, 2nd ed.): inequalities, recidivism, financial, drugs, environmental, violence, family, affordability, artificial intelligence, diversity.

10- Ten Problems for Internet in the 2020s (16 Dec 2022, 2nd ed.): spam, privacy, governance, addiction, jobs, adverstising, infrastructure, scams, education, cybersecurity.

11- Ten Problems for Nuclear in the 2020s (12 Apr 2020, updated on 20 Jul 2021): cost, climate change, fission, fusion, waste, security, proliferation, accidents, applications, outer space.

12- Ten Problems for Manufacturing in the 2020s (22 Apr 2020): sustainability, industry 4.0, smart, responsibility, additive, digitalization, supply chain, optimization, skills gap, distributed.

13- Ten Problems for Robotics in the 2020s (11 May 2020): self learning,  manipulation, research, motion, detection, action planning, simulation, soft, education, accountability.

14- Ten Problems for Materials in the 2020s (26 May 2020): research, composites, metals, plastics, glass-ceramics, biomaterials, additive, nanomaterials, self-healing, informatics.

15- Ten Problems for Environment in the 2020s (3 Jun 2020): policies, assessment, energy efficiency, economics, natural resources, public involvement, ecosystems, human factors, urban and rural, pollution.

16- Ten Problems for Healthcare in the 2020s (16 Jun 2020): delivery, access, economics, digital, artificial intelligence, pharma, regulation, special needs, wellbeing, workforce.

17- Ten Problems for Philosophy in the 2020s (2 Jul 2020): religion, knowledge, logic, nature, mind, moral, experience, identity, political, science.

18- Ten Problems for Safety in the 2020s (14 Jul 2020): machines, internet, pandemics, resources, financial, borders, terrorism, infrastructures, disasters, food.

19- Ten Problems for Entertainment in the 2020s (21 Jul 2020): gamification, personalization, co-creation, nostalgia, streaming, ar/vr apps, sports, operations, costs, advertising.

20- Ten Problems for Social Sciences in the 2020s (31 Jul 2020): interculturalism, introspection, truth, authenticity, human enhancement, critical thinking, technocracy, privilege, ethics, higher education.

21- Ten Problems for Sales in the 2020s (24 Oct 2020): digital technology, conscious consumer, mobile payments, agritech, retail experience, popular products, sustainable fashion, plant-based diet, digital marketing, b2c platforms.

22- Ten Problems for Sports in the 2020s (20 Nov 2020): coaches, performance, fundamentals, match fixing, politics, talent development, diversity, education, economics, e-sports.

23- Ten Problems for Silicon Valley in the 2020s (29 Nov 2020): solutionism, monopolies, diversity, outsiders, gig economy, misuse, narrowness, obsolescence, manipulation, public mood.

24- Ten Problems for Gaming in the 2020s (29 May 2021): addiction, injuries, toxicity, mental health, escapism, social withdrawal, digital divide, mobile games, esports, copyright.

25- Ten Problems for Fashion in the 2020s (28 Sep 2021): sustainability, retail, quality, materials, pollution, recycling, human rights, responsibility, social media, funding.

Each booklet is a structured literature review in the form of a quick bulletin + all the links to the original references for people not having the time, the will or the method to read, collect and organize such documents in a coherent manner, also providing a story (“the ten problems for the 2020s”) as added value.

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