Justice problem: Environmental

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Literature Review: Environmental problem for Justice

This “Ten Problems for Justice in the 2020s” booklet identifies ten relevant areas from very recent contributions put forward at academic level in the form journal articles, conference proceedings and students theses. Ten freely accessible internet references have been selected for each area and direct links are provided at the end of each chapter for own consultation. Our selected references do not intend to mirror ranking indexes nor establish novel classifications. On the contrary, they are meant to represent peer-reviewed, diverse and scientifically-sound case studies for vertical dissemination aimed at non-specialist readers. They will also be able to scoop even more references through the bibliography that is reported at the end of each selected reference.

Without further ado, these are the ten problems that we are going to introduce in this booklet:

  1. policies, 
  2. criminal,
  3. financial,
  4. drugs,
  5. environmental,
  6. violence,
  7. family,
  8. open access,
  9. artificial intelligence,
  10. diversity.

Each problem has its own dedicated chapter made of an introductory section, a short presentation of the ten selected references and a conclusions section.

The final chapter of this booklet will report the conclusions from each chapter again in order to provide a complete executive summary.

5 Environmental

THE PROBLEM — Environmental justice and political ecology have grown during recent decades to become leading critical approaches to socio-environmental analyses. Environmental destructions, overconsumption and overdevelopment are felt by an increasing number of people. The grassroots movement that placed environmental justice issues on the national stages documented the correlation between pollution and race and poverty. Environmental racism is a particular form of environmental injustice. Modern earth observation data can represent an important data source for research on environmental justice and health.

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CONCLUSIONS — Political ecologists may take inspiration from the more systematic treatment of principles of distributive justice in the broad field of Environmental Justice. Among the various branches of post-growth and ecological distribution conflicts, degrowth and environmental justice movements have the best potential to interconnect. A first “no-brainer” policy response to environmental justice concerns is giving local populations a seat at the table when making decisions that affect the local environment. The United States prison system is a site of environmental justice struggles. Several best practices can help transportation agencies better understand and respond to rapid community change within the framework of transportation decision-making. Extractive industries can create persistent structural inequities for the communities hosting them. There is a need in the United States for improved efforts to assist vulnerable communities in addressing contamination and protecting source waters. As coloniality produces decolonial and border thinking, eventually Western rationality may be replaced by intercultural processes based on the ways of being and knowing in the Global South. Of paramount interest to communities that are facing Environmental Justice crises is the problem of how to allocate limited resources of organizations, people, and finances among different strategies. Recent technological and methodological developments in satellite remote sensing have proven to provide highly detailed information on environmental conditions.

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