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Social Sciences problem: Human Enhancement

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Literature Review: Human Enhancement problem for Social Sciences

This “Ten Problems for Social Sciences in the 2020s” booklet identifies ten relevant areas from very recent contributions put forward at academic level in the form journal articles, conference proceedings and students’ theses. Ten freely accessible internet references have been selected for each area and direct links are provided at the end of each chapter for own consultation. Our selected references do not intend to mirror ranking indexes nor establish novel classifications. On the contrary, they are meant to represent peer-reviewed, diverse and scientifically-sound case studies for vertical dissemination aimed at non-specialist readers. They will also be able to scoop even more references through the bibliography that is reported at the end of each selected reference.

Without further ado, these are the ten problems that we are going to introduce in this booklet:

  1. interculturalism,
  2. introspection,
  3. truth,
  4. authenticity,
  5. human enhancement,
  6. critical thinking,
  7. technocracy,
  8. privilege,
  9. ethics,
  10. higher education.

Each problem has its own dedicated chapter made of an introductory section, a short presentation of the ten selected references and a conclusions section.

The final chapter of this booklet will report the conclusions from each chapter again in order to provide a complete executive summary.

5 Human Enhancement

THE PROBLEM — Recent years have witnessed a surge in interest in the controversial movement of technological human enhancement known as transhumanism. The prospect of enhancing ourselves through the use of new biotechnologies or genome editing is subject to intense ethical scrutiny. Less so, mechatronic or drug enhancement.

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CONCLUSIONS — With human enhancement, there is some potential danger of the theologization of technology inverting into a latent technologization of theology. Bioconservatives sometimes supplement the backfiring objection by arguing that change will be irreversible. Advances in human genome editing have led to increasing concerns about the ethics of editing the human genome. The Government of Japan’s Society 5.0 initiative aims to create a cyber-physical society. A hybridization of techno-anthropology and human factors technology is in the pipeline. The term enhancement can be problematized by showing the different ways in which the use of pharmaceutical enhancement drugs can be imagined and understood. Unconditional access to information does not lead to cognitive enhancement. Enhancements are intended to fix our evolutionary shortcomings, and lack of interest in climate change is one such shortcoming. How far can we go in using other animals to extend human life, or even to enhance people, referred to as accelerating evolution by transhumanists? The application of human enhancement is a potential way to increase deep space missions’ success.

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