Sales problem: Agritech

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Literature Review: Agritech problem for Sales

This “Ten Problems for Sales in the 2020s” booklet identifies ten relevant areas from very recent contributions put forward at academic level in the form journal articles, conference proceedings and students’ theses. Ten freely accessible internet references have been selected for each area and direct links are provided at the end of each chapter for own consultation. Our selected references do not intend to mirror ranking indexes nor establish novel classifications. On the contrary, they are meant to represent peer-reviewed, diverse and scientifically-sound case studies for vertical dissemination aimed at non-specialist readers. They will also be able to scoop even more references through the bibliography that is reported at the end of each selected reference.

Without further ado, these are the ten problems that we are going to introduce in this booklet:

  1. digital technology,
  2. conscious consumer,
  3. mobile payments,
  4. agritech,
  5. retail experience,
  6. popular products,
  7. sustainable fashion,
  8. plant-based diet,
  9. digital marketing,
  10. b2c platforms.

Each problem has its own dedicated chapter made of an introductory section, a short presentation of the ten selected references and a conclusions section.

The final chapter of this booklet will report the conclusions from each chapter again in order to provide a complete executive summary.

4 Agritech

THE PROBLEM — AgriTech is the use of technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture with the aim to improve yield, efficiency, and profitability. AgriTech can be products, services, or applications derived from agriculture that improve various input/output processes. It can generate inclusions and exclusions in terms of who can partake in it and who benefits from it.

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CONCLUSIONS — Investments in FoodTech and AgriTech will continue to increase to help deliver on the promise of healthier, more sustainable food systems and more efficient supply / value chains. These technologies underpin concepts such as vertical farming and food systems, digital agriculture, bioeconomy, circular agriculture, and aquaponics. Broadly, digital readiness for Ag-platforms refers to the ability of countries to develop, use and navigate digital platforms. Perennial vegetables are a neglected and underutilized class of crops with potential to address 21st century challenges. Overwhelming evidence shows that overconsumption of meat is bad for human and environmental health and that moving towards a more plant-based diet is more sustainable. Golden Rice has played a prominent role in debates on genetically modified crops for almost two decades. The rural industry transformation in China is the development trend of peri-urban village reinvention from the perspective of economy, ecology and society values. Agri-startups in India are leveraging opportunities in areas such as increasing crop production, improving the nutritional value of the crops, reduction in input prices for farmers. International AgriTech companies are constantly pushing to the Sub-Saharan market and creating more competition which regulates the prices. The major challenge to Russian Federation agricultural export is coming from the lack of time-sensitive, exact and public information about the goods, works and services sales efficiency on the foreign market.

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