Sports problem: Baseball

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Literature Review: Baseball problem for Sports

This “Ten Problems for Sports in the 2020s” booklet will introduce ten relevant problems, namely: coaches, performance, fundamentals, match fixing, politics, talent development, diversity, education, economics, e-sports; for the ten most popular sports in the 2020s world, as for estimated fans number: soccer, cricket, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, baseball, American football / rugby, golf.

Ten freely accessible internet references have been selected for each area and direct links are provided at the end of each chapter for own consultation. Our selected references do not intend to mirror ranking indexes nor establish novel classifications. On the contrary, they are meant to represent peer-reviewed, diverse and scientifically-sound case studies for vertical dissemination aimed at non-specialist readers. They will also be able to scoop even more references through the bibliography that is reported at the end of each selected reference.

Without further ado, these are the sports that we are going to introduce in this booklet:

  1. soccer,
  2. cricket,
  3. basketball,
  4. hockey,
  5. tennis,
  6. volleyball,
  7. table tennis,
  8. baseball,
  9. american football / rugby,
  10. golf.

Each sport has its own dedicated chapter made of an introductory section, a short presentation of the ten selected references for each open question and a conclusions section.

The final chapter of this booklet will report the conclusions from each chapter again in order to provide a complete executive summary.

8 Baseball

THE PROBLEM — Baseball estimated fans worldwide are 850 million in 2020. Same as other popular sports, ten problems for baseball are: coaches, performance, fundamentals, match fixing, politics, talent development, diversity, education, economics, e-sports. Here follows a short introduction to all of them with recent references for own consultation.

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CONCLUSIONS — Coach’s prior coaching experience and ability have a measurable effect on baseball organizational outcomes. A six-week core resistance training program can lead to increased ball-exit velocity among high school baseball players. When the batting average is just .300, the probability of swinging becomes significantly lower than when the average is well above or below .300. Legal betting regimes paradoxically contribute to routinised match-fixing. The San Francisco Giants are exemplary agents of community development but need to improve their marketing techniques. The most important trait for a pitcher is not his physical strength but his ability to strike out his opponents. Minor League Baseball has remained successful in attracting community members to its ballparks for unwavering, affordable family fun. Athletes from across Latin America, once signed, begin at this first level of Minor League Baseball to prove their sporting abilities, learn English and become consummate professionals. In baseball, it will take more than alleviating data privacy concerns for ballplayers to accept wearable technology easy. Major League Baseball is getting involved in esports, having kicked off a 30 players tournament using the excellent MLB: The Show Playstation series.

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