Sports problem: Cricket

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Literature Review: Cricket problem for Sports

This “Ten Problems for Sports in the 2020s” booklet will introduce ten relevant problems, namely: coaches, performance, fundamentals, match fixing, politics, talent development, diversity, education, economics, e-sports; for the ten most popular sports in the 2020s world, as for estimated fans number: soccer, cricket, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, baseball, American football / rugby, golf.

Ten freely accessible internet references have been selected for each area and direct links are provided at the end of each chapter for own consultation. Our selected references do not intend to mirror ranking indexes nor establish novel classifications. On the contrary, they are meant to represent peer-reviewed, diverse and scientifically-sound case studies for vertical dissemination aimed at non-specialist readers. They will also be able to scoop even more references through the bibliography that is reported at the end of each selected reference.

Without further ado, these are the sports that we are going to introduce in this booklet:

  1. soccer,
  2. cricket,
  3. basketball,
  4. hockey,
  5. tennis,
  6. volleyball,
  7. table tennis,
  8. baseball,
  9. american football / rugby,
  10. golf.

Each sport has its own dedicated chapter made of an introductory section, a short presentation of the ten selected references for each open question and a conclusions section.

The final chapter of this booklet will report the conclusions from each chapter again in order to provide a complete executive summary.

2 Cricket

THE PROBLEM — Cricket estimated fans worldwide are 2.5 billion in 2020. Same as other popular sports, ten problems for cricket are: coaches, performance, fundamentals, match fixing, politics, talent development, diversity, education, economics, e-sports. Here follows a short introduction to all of them with recent references for own consultation.

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CONCLUSIONS — The use of the principles of Positive Pedagogy to inform the development of cricket coaches offers an engaging framework to guide the reflection on coaching practice and stimulate engagement with coach mentors. In T20 matches, bowlers have the highest movement demands followed by fielding. Not much is known about the link between spin bowling biomechanics and injury prevention strategies and training programs needed for the optimal performance of a spin bowler. To deter match fixing, and ensure legitimate results, the use of technology in cricket has steadily increased over the years and now has a major role in adjudicating the outcome of events. For the British in India, a native who could speak the English language and wield a cricket bat was a sign of their victory over the native community and an acknowledgement of the native’s advancement from primitivism. Cricket is a complex sport best viewed through the lens of ecological dynamics, allowing coaches and practitioners to take a holistic approach to talent development. The Black Lives Matter movement has served as a catalyst for the voices of black cricketers to be heard and has created a platform for institutionalized racism and transformation in South African cricket to be addressed. A significant difference exists among different age levels cricket players in respect of coordinating ability. A 2019 match between India and Pakistan in the World Cup drew an estimated live broadcast audience of one billion. Currently, there are no cricket esports leagues played at an official level, although there may be informal tournaments organized and played among fans.

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