++ We have taken down all the Kindle booklets on 31 Dec 2021 in order to pursue a different path, with software coming first. The booklets will return at a later stage!

WHAT IS THIS – These short, text-only booklets are going to introduce the latest trends and the open questions for twenty-five subjects, as put forward by leading academicians and practitioners through world-level journals or conferences in the last year. For each subject, ten interesting areas for the coming decade are covered, each depicted through a brief summary plus ten free, selected internet references for own consultation. The aim is to provide an informed report based upon peer-reviewed documents, hopefully debunking fake news, sensationalism and outright biased agendas. We would also like to democratize academic debates, making them more accessible to non-expert interested parties and to the general public. 

Sources have been selected for diversity instead of ranking. They also refer directly to a number of other valuable sources that, taken as a whole, can give a detailed rendition of the state of the art. A general knowledge of literature review methods and, for any booklet, the particular subject is needed to appreciate the effort.

WHO IS THE AUTHOR – Dr Giuseppe Cornacchia edited the booklets as the founder of the TenProblems series. He works from Italy as a consultant and applied researcher since 2003. He holds a PhD in Materials Science from The University of Manchester, UK; an MSc in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors from The University of Birmingham, UK; and a Laurea v.o. (Masters’ degree equivalent with honors, five years course) in Nuclear Engineering from Università di Pisa, Italy. LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/giuseppe-cornacchia

Dr Giuseppe Cornacchia, Oct 2020, all rights reserved

TEAM – A few minions occasionally helping with checks and happily willing to remain anonymous for the time being.

Wikipedia permanent source at https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minions_(Despicable_Me)#/media/File%3AMinions_characters.png


1- Why are you doing this? To provide informed reports based upon peer-reviewed documents, hopefully debunking fake news, sensationalism and outright biased agendas for the 2020s.

2- Who is funding you? Nobody, this project is fully bootstrapped and relies upon booklets sales.

3- Is this project reliable? A professional Code of Conduct and the best practices for literature reviews are followed. Diversity and free availability of sources are pursued instead of index ranking.

4- Why should I buy? Up-to-date, peer-reviewed knowledge is a competitive advantage and a way to improve as a person while being exposed to case studies coming from all over the world.

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