Software applications originated from the booklets, and more, are coming under the 10problems branch of this project. You can follow progress with snippets at .

Ongoing projects in 2021

A- Robotics with Artificial Intelligence demo software project for Education: Python applications with the small, programmable DJI Tello drone (computer vision, image classification, autonomous moving, reinforcement learning).

B- Materials and Nuclear R&D informatics with Artificial Intelligence: 1- Predictive maintenance with reinforcement learning; 2- Artificial Intelligence methods in support of AlMgZn crossover alloy definition, characterisation and modelling; 3- Machine learning methods for corrosion resistance studies in molten salt reactors; 4- Computationally-assisted design of irradiation-resistant HEAs for Gen IV nuclear uses.

C- State-of-the-art implementations for business presence on the Internet and e-commerce Sales, by leveraging: WordPress themes; the dedicated WooCommerce package; e-mail marketing with Mailchimp; and b2c social media like Facebook or Instagram.

We rely upon a local network made of young professionals from Italy. Tailored software solutions can be provided upon request. Submit your technical specification through the contact form in the About page at and get your quote.